Ojos de Dios

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“You can’t buy what is sacred, otherwise you turn it into ordinary”

Ixteca offers you this ojo de dios as a thank you gift, lucky charm, protection against bad-vibes or whatever you want to call it.
In the Huichol culture, this is an eye of the god “Sun”, one of them is given to all Huichol children once per year until they reach the age of 5 as protection charms. It symbolizes the 4 cardinal points and how the god Kauyuma’li, the blue deer, sees it all.
This little gift was handmade by Micaela, a Huichol lady living in the Sierra de Nayarit.
Hang it where you want! It looks great on a hand-bag, or as a key chain!

Thanks for supporting Ixteca, with your purchase, you help us to keep asking Micaela and many other artisans for more pretty products for you!

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