Ojo de dios necklace

Ojo de dios necklace

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NANA for IXTECA, a Huichol collection full of symbols and colours.
NANA mixes delicate silver chains and high quality beads to create beautiful designs representing different Huichol deities like the sacred Peyote cactus, the blue deer, the trinity of Corn and Eyes of the Sun God.
The Huichol people or “Wixaritari” are a big community native of the Mexican states of Nayarit, Jalisco, Zacatecas and Durango. NANA is supporting the Huichol artists by giving them constant access to qualitative materials, in this way they can live from their art-craft and not worry about beads and silver supply issue.

Material: Silver chain, beads, 43cm
Origin: Jalisco,

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