Huichol Peyote Skull - Unique Piece

Huichol Peyote Skull - Unique Piece

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This piece is a chrome ceramic skull full of details representing the sacred Peyote, a hallucinogen cactus present in the most important Huichol ceremonies. In Mexico, decorated skulls are a colourful reminder of how important is to live a happy life to be able to die joyfully.

“Hay que vivir felices para morir contentos”

Trying to take the Huichol traditional art to the next level, this project invites Huichol artists to a workshop in Mexico City for them to perform their art in the best possible conditions.

One of the biggest challenges that Huichol people face is the sustainability of their businesses. Financing the materials needed to create their art and hand-crafts can be very difficult. This project provides high-quality materials for these talented people along with a decent workplace and a fair payment for their work.

The difference is simple, high-quality materials replacing the ordinary. The bee wax has been replaced, traditionally used to glue the beads to the pieces, but falling apart with time, sun and humidity, with a very strong glue ensuring a forever-perfect piece of art.

The beads used in these pieces are high-quality crystal beads in two sizes: XS and S, to be able to draw more details on each design, replacing bigger plastic beads commonly used among Huichol hand-crafts.
Each piece is unique, it has symbols representing gods and sacred elements for the Huichol culture.
Respecting the Huichol traditional designs, our team guides the Huichol artist to select the best colour mix of each piece.
This handmade work takes around 2 to 4 weeks per piece to be completed.    

Material: Crystal beads, chrome ceramic, glue
Origin: Mexico City / Huichol Communities Nayarit
Dimensions: 15cm/15cm/21cm, width/height/depth,


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