Geometric Skull Candle with vanilla scent

Geometric Skull Candle with vanilla scent

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“La Parca”; the death, the lady that comes around and goes away…
She reminds us that our time here is not eternal, it will come to an end. In the meantime, Mexicans celebrate life and death with colourful tributes to the Dia de Muertos festivity. These candles are only a part of the multiple elements that make this festivity one of the most impressive folk celebrations Mexico has.

Victor is a candle designer who, along with his family in Salamanca, have developed different candle techniques for many generations now. Implemented in the times of the Spanish colony, it became a typical handcraft of Guanajuato area in central Mexico.
Ixteca is proud to share the work of these talented artisans with you as their commitment and passion come on top of consistent quality.

Material: Wax with vanilla scent
Origin: Salamanca, Guanajuato

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