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Matilda Traditional small rug 60x120cm

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Mr Oscar is the 4th generation of a tapestry-makers family based at San Miguel de Allende in a small workshop outside of town. This product has been dyed with his own hands and woven by one of his two fellows on a traditional pedal loom.
His weavers know all designs by hearth from their long apprenticeships, this is making their art fragile and slowly disappearing in Mexico. In fact, due to the long ancestral manufacturing process and the high-quality materials they use, their business is under risk. It can’t compete with industrial carpets coming from Asia which are imitating Mexican design elements. Oscar and his team fight back by dedicating themselves strongly to their art ensuring the highest quality on every carpet he creates and by trying to find new international customers.

Material: 100% wool (not dyed), double sided rug,
Size: 60 x 120 cm,
Care: dry-clean or hand-washable
Origin: San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato,

*Please note that due to the production method, carpet lengths may vary slightly.

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