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Acapulco chair removable base (used)

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Created in the 1950s in Acapulco from a mystery creator, Acapulco chairs are inspired by the open string construction of traditional Mayan hammocks nearby. The Acapulco chair was not only very comfortable but also did not keep the body’s heat trapped in the way that traditional chairs had.

Perfect for indoor and outdoor usage thanks to its weatherproof material (Plastic and powder-coated frame to prevent the chairs from rusting). Despite very good durability, we recommend to clean time to time with water and a bit of soap before to dry it with a cloth.

Longtime goes into making each chair and the attention to detail required in making them should not be underestimated. Each chair is made by trained artisan that has spent years mastering. The chairs are woven using a single vinyl chord, which is wrapped around a shelled steel frame.

Specs: Dimensions: width 80cm, height 97cm, weight: 8,5kg.
Material: Powder-coated solid steel frame, hand woven with recycled PVC.
Origin: Mexico City

Important: This product was used for events and have small scratches on the base. 

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