Poncho 1.0 Blue

Poncho 1.0 Blue

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The classic poncho.
A very genderless versatile garment- Perfect for any occasion.
Very cozy cotton threads and handmade stitches. A really cool bohemian fringed option.

Size: one size fits all.
Material: Hand woven 100% grey cotton.
Origin: Weaved in Oaxaca, designed and assembled in Guadalajara. 

Alejandra Raw Project garments are about primitive simplicity. Simple cuts, free loose-fitting shapes. It express itself through textures, stitches and hand-made details. All fabrics are handmade, weaved on looms in Jalisco and Oaxaca. The main colour is primarily raw, keeping the natural colour of the fabrics and trying to have a low impact on the environment. In some cases, colour is added by reusing transformed raw materials such as plants, soil and wood to dye the fabrics without any chemicals.

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