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The past weeks our Instagram feeds were full of beautiful posts from the fashion world giving us a report on the latest trends. Exquisite colours, textures, shapes and fabrics give shape to the creations of our favourite fashion designers. But now that the fashion season is over, we should reconsider the impact that the fashion industry has on our planet.

Ixteca is supporting today’s Fashion Revolution, a global movement calling for transparency, sustainability and ethics in the fashion industry. We share this movement’s values, we are against exploitative and environmentally damaging practices and we promote eco-friendly solutions. The fashion revolution movement can help people to understand where fashion comes from
to radically change the way our clothes are sourced, produced and purchased. Everything that we wear should be made in a safe, clean and fair way!

Every single product sold at Ixteca is handmade, we know personally all the designers and artisans that are part of this project and we are witnesses of how they have fair conditions for the people involved in the elaboration process. A lot of our designers are trying to be 100% sustainable and are working hard to produce their collections reducing waste as much as possible.

Every item at Ixteca has a strong background behind its beauty. A lot of our artisanal products come from Mexican indigenous artisans who work together designers who employ them to give them a fix source of income. In other cases, we help them to produce their goods and then we export them to Ixteca in Europe.
In any case, we are proud to share with you that we are a guilty-free project trying to be part of the change, of the generation that will keep our planet evergreen.

Because Fashion should feel good.

Join the fashion revolution and ask your favourite brands #whomademyclothes buy conciously!! 


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