Huaraches, shoes with legacy

Do you know where these trendy summer essentials come from?
The history of the famous Mexican huaraches goes back many years before the first Spanish boats reached America. These sandals were essential for the indigenous people from different ethnics across Mexico for a long time.
Huarached origine
The name Huarache itself comes from the purepecha dialect “kwarachi”, dialect spoken in the nowcalled Michoacan state in central Mexico, but the shoe was popular in many other areas like Yucatan and Chiapas.
Before the Spanish colony was set up in Mexico, the huarache was mainly braided straps of íchcatl or cotton in Nahuatl (Aztec language) and then fixed to a leather sole. During the colony times the shoe evolved into a more advanced model of fully leather straps and sole, looking more like the shoe weknow today.
Through time, this tribal sandal has survived all sorts of variations, eras and styles. Different artisans and designers have played with colours, textures, soles, laces, etc. and still, the classical leather sandal remains a timeless piece for every summer outfit.
Unfortunately, these huaraches have had a rough time in the past. In Mexico there is a certain rejection towards indigenous cultures. “To own something new is nice, even if its huaraches” – states a colloquial saying referring negatively to our precious shoes! But what could be better than having a new pair of handmade sandals made by people who learned this art through generations? You are what you wear, then why not supporting these humble communities that work hard every day to produce these gorgeous pieces?
Ixteca works hard to ensure the promotion of these valuable ancient techniques, we believe that by showing you our selection of huaraches you will discover a beautiful, authentic and stylish way to walk through many endless summers!
Have a look and enjoy the legacy!

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