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On December 2nd, 2017 we went crazy and decided to open a pop-up store in the beautiful city of Wiesbaden, Germany. 

We meet a lovely lady from who we rented a beautiful 2-floor shop for 1 month!
We put together some recycled furniture and covered it with craft paper, beautiful lights, a nice Hôtel Costes playlist, videos of our artisans in action and, of course, our freshly shipped product selection from Mexico!

As soon as we opened, many people got interested in what our pretty store had to offer. We had people coming in and out all day! Our walls, covered with the photos and fun-facts of our artisans and designers, kept telling stories about a faraway world full of textures, colours, materials and forms that are now transformed into modern-life items.

We were the new shop in town, people kept coming to ask who we were, why we were there for only a month and why didn’t we stay longer.  Christmas time and the urge to have original gifts helped our sales a lot and after a few days, magic happened…
We started to sell products to customers looking for a special story, not for just a gift. The moment we sold a Huichol necklace only because of its meaning, a handbag because it was done by women victims of gender discrimination, a poncho because it was handmade by a sustainable fashion brand, a lava rock bowl because that’s how Aztec people used to eat in the old times and a cushion because of the Mayan ladies who waved it… that moment I understood that Ixteca had a soul, that all the hard work was starting to pay off.
We weren’t just selling beautiful items, we were proudly putting Mexico’s cultural richness up high and people in Germany actually cared about! (not to get too poetic, of course, some people didn’t care and just bought things because they are SO pretty! And some didn’t even want to come in).

The point is, we had a lot of fun doing it, this Pop-Up store gave us a great experience and of course, it marked the beginning of our Ixteca-tour across Europe!

Wait for it! We will come to you soon! 
in the meantime, I wish you the best for 2018!! 

Besos from Deutschland!

Ixteca Pop-Up Store Handmade deco

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