Do you know Aniza? Find out what happens "When Design meets Artisan"

This cold winter days inspired me to tell you a cosy story about a Mexican designer living in Europe. Wrap yourself in a fine handmade wool plaid from Aniza’s collection and enjoy this story.
We discovered this brand in a conference in Paris, Ana Iza, the genius founder of Aniza was talking on the stage about the difficulty to sell Mexican art craft products in Europe due to the bright colours traditionally used in Mexico. She was passionate about the potential of the traditional techniques present in small communities around Mexico full of fine art and manufacturing quality.  

Listening to Ana Iza that day was a reminder about why we wanted to create Ixteca, and once we saw the design of her products we wanted to collaborate very quickly with her to be able to offer the amazing cushions and plaids Aniza is doing to our community.

The Founder 

Ana Iza, founder of Ixteca

Ana Iza Castro Valle Motteau is a Mexican who was born in Turkey and raised in Sweden and Mexico. 

She studied fashion in Florence at Polimoda, and went on to finish her studies in international trade at F.I.T. in New York.

Today living between Pari and Amsterdam after working for 18 years between New York and Europe in the fashion industry! Woahhhh! 

But what we like about Ana Iza is her simplicity, her good taste, very good knowledge of fashion design and all the great advises she gave us. On top, she shares the same business value as us, considering human rights and the environment in her daily operations. Another fair trade project promoting exclusive design, part of the Ixteca family.

Discover her amazing collection featured here at Ixteca!

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